An introduction to Lead-To-Cash technology for Channel Partners and how it will help you grow sales exponentially this year.

An introduction to Lead-To-Cash technology for Channel Partners and how it will help you grow sales exponentially this year.

Sales Tech pioneers worldwide are raving about the immense benefits of LEAD-TO-CASH technologies and their profound impact on maximizing sales efficiency. Ten years ago, this critical software was only available to large multi-million-dollar enterprises that could afford the costly setup, training, infrastructure, and maintenance. Today, however, cloud-based solutions significantly reduce deployment and infrastructure costs to a fraction. As a result, sophisticated software solutions like LEAD-TO-CASH are now accessible and affordable for SMB Channel Partners, enabling them to compete and thrive.

“Now small and mid-size companies can compete.”

What is LEAD-TO-CASH software? 

LEAD-TO-CASH software automates the complete sales process. Instead of wasting time with outdated MS Word and Excel documents, or disjointed systems, LEAD-TO-CASH technology allows channel sales to manage leads, generate quotes, collect payments, and process orders using integrated sales automation technology. 

How can LEAD-TO-CASH help my business grow this year?

LEAD-TO-CASH technology saves sales reps hundreds of hours by eliminating the burden of manual sales tasks — cutting sales administrative time by over 90%. Channel Partners can now take advantage of LEAD-TO-CASH automation to eliminate sales paperwork, simplify their sales process, compete with large corporations and ultimately make more sales. 

By leveraging LEAD-TO-CASH automation into one’s sales routine, sales reps will save roughly 15 hours per week that they would have used organizing leads, filling out Word and Excel documents, and tracking down payments. Plus, real-time access to pipeline and sales results provides invaluable peace of mind. 

LEAD-TO-CASH software gives sales reps control over their business, a competitive advantage, and more time to sell more. 

The Lead-to-Cash for SMB | Channel Partner Portal Solution

Introducing, SalesStreamliner — the first ready-to-use LEAD-TO-CASH sales management portal explicitly designed for channel partners. Unlike Oracle and SalesForce, SalesStreamliner is cost-effective, quick to deploy, simple to use, and designed and built for sales reps. Ready to see your sales increase exponentially and blow your competition out of the water? Click here to talk with our lead-to-cash experts and schedule a demo today.

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